Sunday, February 24, 2013

LL 201 lesson 2

This was a fun one. Took me a week of working on the couch in the evenings while DH watched bad sci fi. 

Joanne supplied a whole list of words and phrases, but I had to go my own way, as usual. There are a few of hers, plus movie quotes, song lyrics, favorite foods, phrases I liked from a book - all sorts of stuff.

Dug out my huge box of assorted markers, used some gel pens, some Copics, a white Signo pen.

I quite like it and will do another one of these at some point with a more focused batch of phrases and quotes.

Learning to spell is next on my list...


  1. Yay finished! I was looking forward to seeing yours and somehow knew you would do more of your own thing than I did! LOL
    I like the "How we spend our days is how we spend our lives" quote!

  2. Very interesting and amusing. Was it fun to get your ideas all together and then start? Or did you add them one at a time as you thought of them? (There's lots of bad sci-fi on around here too.)