Friday, February 22, 2013

Feb followers giveaways

A small thing that bugs me sometimes is when a giveaway consists of lots of cool stuff and it all goes to one person. I prefer the kind where more people win. 

In that spirit, I'll draw 3 names from my followers on Feb 28th and they'll each get one of the pictured postcard made by me, plus a gelli postcard that hasn't been embellished yet that they can do themselves.

The images are all from a 1946 The American Home magazine that I picked up someplace or other.

It certainly depicts a simpler time. And lots of household appliance ads - vaccuum cleaners, stoves, automatic coffee makers! 

Lots of booklets you could send away for, most of which cost only a dine or a quarter. 

The magazine itself - all 12"x15"  and 136 pages of it - cost only 15 cents. Crazy.


  1. I agree. Just getting all the stuff ready to send from my giveaway. Put my namein the hat for yours.

  2. Yes please - I know I know (zentangles should be on there way soon) but I just love these....:)

  3. Love these! Please add me to the list, thanks!