Sunday, February 24, 2013

LL201 lesson 3

Knocked this one out during the Oscars. Are they weird this year or is it just me?

Tasteless jokes - "we saw your boobs" set to music? Reeeee-lly? Did you see the look on whatshername's face when they flashed to her? She was disgusted. I got no problem with the word 'boobs', and I guess if you showed 'em to the world on the big screen, maybe you shouldn't be offended by a song about it, but... really?

Flat repartee between the presenters. A couple of them were so stilted that I kept waiting for someone to pop in and say 'hahaha, just a joke, here's the real thing', but they never did.

The musical numbers are great, but the rest of it just seems strange.

Loved the big Les Miserables singfest. I've never seen Les Mis in any form but I'm going to see this one. Anne Hathaway... looks like she deserved that Oscar.

Anyway, back to the real topic of this post. The drill here was to make a bunch of alphabets, vertically, on a two page spread. I lined it out and went to work (after perusing for ideas).

Nothing real original here but the exercise definitely makes you think about it. Fat, thin... square, round... straight, curly.

Sub-par pictures courtesy of crummy evening lamp light. Sorry.

Charlize Theron is gorgeous. Just sayin'.


  1. love your alphas! Gotta get cracking on mine!

  2. Charlize is gorgeous and she should be proud of those - BOOBS! Her performances are great and yes we are women - there are some things men fixate on no matter what! Great exercise in writing - I need to do more of that!