Tuesday, February 5, 2013

more mail art

MailMeSomeArt has a collage challenge where you have to use only the items on a given collage sheet. You can cut them up but you can't add anything. 

I cut up a bunch of old file folders from work into 6"x8" pieces and folded them in half so that I'd have a final 4"x6" postcard. Stamped a text stamp on the bare card, then glued down a sheet of gelli printed deli paper. The deli paper is somewhat transparent when glued down so the stamping shows thru to varying degrees depending on how thick the gelli paint is. Very cool look.

Then I cut out all the collage sheet pieces and played with them for a few minutes. They pretty much divided themselves into two piles - the medicine ones and the money man ones.

The medicine pile brought to mind the phrase "take two and call me in the morning" so the card came together quickly, including punching out "pills" from the blue strip of paper and gluing them down. Annoyingly fiddly little things, especially when your fingers are sticky.

 The money man pile made me think of the saying "more money than brains," so I made a card based on that. Every time I see a head cut open with things flying out, it cracks me up so I did one of those with the pennies. The other elements just sort of filled in the other half of the card. I quite like this one and will prolly make an ATC or two with those same elements.


  1. Very creative! I am now following. Hope you will visit me back!


  2. I am loving all your mail art. A particular favorite of mine. Love the man with money for brains. Very clever.

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  4. I love your money man card! Cut open heads with things flying out crack me up too!