Friday, February 22, 2013

stencil alert

Hot stencil tip - Home Depot. 

I was in there this morning for a caulking gun and silicone for our new composter, and while I was wandering the aisles, I spotted stencils. 

Inexpensive stencils, to boot. Only $2.98 each. 

I bought the one pictured here as it was the only over-all pattern. There were 4 total, a couple of which are shown on the back of the packaging. It's nice plastic, would work great with paint, sprays, gelli printing, etc.

It's 8.5x11" so it will cover the medium 8x10 gelli perfectly. Hope to print a few with it over the weekend, so will update then.

Also have the Feb giveaways made, will post about those tonite hopefully...


  1. Leslie thank you for the tip. I will take a look when I am able to get out and about. The price is very good.
    Also thanks for the lovely comment you left for me about Mr. Smudge. So appreciated. Say hello to Mabel for me!!

  2. oohhh thanks for the tip! These are so darn expensive at Michaels....will go check Lowes to!