Friday, January 11, 2013

int'l desk day

A long shot of my work table. When we moved here last March,
I took the entire dining room/living room as my studio,
with the full approval and encouragement of my very
supportive husband.
Not sure exactly when this was, but came across some marvelous images of other people's desks here and just had to play.

After you chuckle at my mess, let's see some of yours!

Right side of work table.
There's a sewing machine on a little stand to the right.
Mostly do painting, gluing type work here.

Left side of work table.
Sort of the cutting, stamping side of things.
The two journals on top of the large book are my TTV and garden journals.
The large book is weighing down two postcards for
upcoming Mail Me Some Art swaps.

Terrible shot of my computer desk which is 90deg
to the right of the work table.
My daily calendar journal is open to the left of the keyboard
where I cannot fail to see it and thus record something each day.
There's a flat screen on the shelf above so I can get a crick in my neck
watching football or Downton Abbey while working,
or trying to work LOL.

Not sure what to call this desk. It's behind me when I'm sitting at the computer
and ends up with all sorts of junk piled on it.
That scarf needs to go off to the Pink Scarf Project
but I can't remember to take it to work to mail it.
The Starbucks bag contains a knitted scarf that just needs to be blocked.
The work table is along the wall to the right of this desk
so I can just roll around in the same chair from place to place.
Very convenient except I can't quite roll to the coffee maker
as there is a bumpy molding between the studio floor and the kitchen floor.


  1. Have put you on in the ever growing line up of creative chaos. Http://

  2. L, so glad you shared. I love to see the real thing. I noticed you diddn't take photos of the floor. That's my downfall. Fred said he would put a new floor in my studio, but he can't find thd floor. LOL Hugs. bb

  3. what wonderful space! it's not mess - it's works in progress.